Raised on the island of Kauai, Chef Jason Peel’s cooking presents familiar island flavors of your favorite home-cooked meals with an elevated twist. Combining the values of his humble Japanese origins, with his strong Irish spirit, Chef Peel discovered his passion for creating, and specifically cooking, at an early age.

Upon graduation from Kapiolani Community College with a degree in Culinary Arts, Peel was mentored by Ian Russo of Michele’s at the Colony Surf. Under his tutelage, Peel learned the style of French Cuisine and worked his way up to Sous Chef. When Russo left the islands for New York, Peel found his way to Roy Yamaguchi, where Yamaguchi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine expanded his palate even further. Through Peel’s work with Roy, he had an opportunity to travel to Thailand, Korea, Dubai and eventually returned home to the islands where he opened Roy’s in Waikiki.

Following a productive tenure with Roy’s, Peel followed in his parent’s footsteps and became an educator at Kapiolani Community College for six years. During this time, Peel taught a variety of courses and traveled with students to culinary competitions across the nation, building the curriculum at KCC into a world-renowned culinary program and gaining recognition nationally.

In tandem with his time at KCC, Peel teamed up with Roy Yamaguchi and his wife, Denise, serving as the Corporate Chef for the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. In this position, Peel played an integral role in building Hawaii’s culinary scene, hosting chefs from around the world in the Hawaiian Islands, introducing them to the unique flavors of Hawaii, along with bringing a spotlight to Hawaii’s local chefs, highlighting their talents and style of cooking.

After decades of work in Hawaii’s culinary scene, Peel is excited to begin this new adventure as an owner and partner in Peel Restaurant Group, overseeing the menu of Nami Kaze Hawaii. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Peel hopes these restaurants will continue to build Hawaii as a culinary destination, serving as a community for culinary enthusiasts and creating opportunities for Hawaii’s next generation of chefs while also building upon the values and foundation built by the veterans of the trade!


Beverly Luk was born and raised in Hong Kong, where she was surrounded by the most delicious asian delicacies. Growing up in a family of impromptu foodies, Beverly was treated to a bounty of culinary delights throughout her youth, sparking a deep passion for cooking within her, exposing her palate to a wide range of flavors and textures.

In pursuit of further knowledge and skills, Beverly moved to the United States, and eventually made her way to Hawaii. Here, she strengthened her baking foundation by enrolling the Kapiolani Community College culinary arts program. Driven by an intense passion for the culinary arts, Beverly continued to learn on her own and gained experience working on many renowned restaurants throughout Hawaii, including learning from Pasty Chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka of MW.

Beverly took the helm as Pastry Chef at Mavro, Miro, Kaimana Beach Hotel, and now Nami Kaze, where she has continued to showcase her collection of skills and knowledge in her unique style. From her Houjicha Kabocha Mont Blanc to Chewy Brownie, French Style Brioche to Japanese Kare Pan, Beverly’s pastries and breads offer a glimpse into her culinary journey.

Beverly is now excited to expand her horizons with a bakery of her own. With her passion, skills and talent, Beverly continues to inspire others in the industry and delight customers with her delectable creations!


Shane Tonokawa, the Corporate Sushi Chef for Peel Restaurant Group, was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Growing up, he was exposed to all levels of Japanese cuisine at home, which piqued his interest in the culinary arts. However, it wasn’t until a middle school project that he discovered his passion for the art of sushi.

Fueled by his newfound love for sushi, Shane began reading books and teaching himself how to create the prized delicacy. Over the years, he has honed his skills by working in a multitude of restaurants both in Hawaii and on the continental United States, accumulating over 20 years of experience.

Throughout his career, Shane has worked in renowned establishments such as Roy’s, Stripsteak, Gokoku, Wolfgang Pucks, and under Troy Guard, combining the knowledge and techniques he acquired to refine his skills as a Sushi Chef. Today, he combines this knowledge and skills to create unique and innovative sushi dishes that are rooted in tradition.


Devin Hikosaka, the Executive Sushi Chef at Nami Kaze Hawaii, was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. His love for sushi and the culinary arts was ignited at a young age, as he spent time watching his grandfather, the executive sushi chef at Maguro-ya, work his magic in the kitchen. Devin was fascinated not only by his grandfather’s impressive skills but also by his cheerful demeanor and the fun he had while preparing food.

Devin also has a passion for the ocean that stems from his father.  Diving and fishing for local delicacies only intensifies his love for making sushi. Combining his years of experience in Hawai‘i’s restaurant industry creates a unique perspective for his craft.  Today, Devin is building a repertoire of techniques and flavors that highlight Hawai‘i’s bounty of products.